Friday, April 25, 2008

life never stops.

we always don't get what we want and there is something that we went so desperatly that we do anything to get it. when that dosent worksout we get dishartened and life just stops for us.
it happens with everybody but does the life really stops?
No it dosen't. we always need someone to support us and helps us to move on.we keep on trying to make our life simpler and it gets more complicated.we dont try to understand it we always try to force things since we belive that we can change every thing and it doese'nt works in this way .
From my past relationship i have learnt that "We get into a relationship and every thing seems to be beautiful and but when we seperate it gives lot's of pain so i decided that i would never get into any other relationship.....but u always need someone in ur goes on and we again find someone who is perfect for us.....its a vicious circle.You will get to know about it once you breakup from ur first relationship and get into another one."