Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random thought

So much of faith, So much of lie
So many times i have seen a faithful man die.
The enigma of underworld is so deep,
That makes a blissful mother weep.
Looking at the dying child in her lap,
It makes my flesh creep.

So much of bruise, So much of boom,
So manythimes i have seen,
a successful man's doom.

I wander here, I wander there,
I hear the cries everywhere,
I ran everywhere to make them evoke
but all my efforts ended in Smoke.
I lie in a corner like a filthy Rose,
With only hope that someday i can make Humanity arose.

So much of pain, So much of rain
So many times i have seen blood flowing in the drains.

Looking at the fruitful trees,
I think of heaven and life with ease.
After So much of Pain and Suffering,
a day will come with hopeful spring.